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I love bringing BOOKS to life, handling all aspects including the idea, concept, research, project management, writing, and everything in between 📚

My REPORTAGES are highlighting the good things in life, covering travel, books, love, art, and motorcycles.

I also do TRANSLATIONS and COPYWRITING, focusing on travel, hospitality, mobility, and gastronomy.


My new book is out in the stores! In THINK BIG - SHOP SMALL you find independent stores who slay it all, celebrating their successful concepts, striking interiors and badass magic! 💫 I talked to chocolatiers, record store owners and shoemakers, to the UNESCO who is cooperating with some of the worlds oldest indie shops and to committed merchants who make our cities diverse and exciting by their dedicated, heartfilled stores. Every purchase here is another breath keeping them alive. Support your locals! ✊🏽❤️🌱 #uniqueshops #gestaltenbooks

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