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gestalten Journal

Think Big—Shop Small  looks at stores with unique retail concepts that offer products and immersive interiors, introducing a new culture of customer experiences. We spoke with the book’s co-editor, Janna Strauss, about the ways in which the high-street has adapted over time, her experiences in creating her fourth book with gestalten - and much more. 

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Do You Read Me? by Marianne Julia Strauss & gestalten


"Das Paradies hat geöffnet - Der Band "Do you read me?" ist eine Verneigung vor einer fantastischen Institution: der Buchhandlung. Formvollendeter kann man Büchern nicht huldigen."

"Eine Ode an das Stöbern in Buchhandlungen"

"This wonderful tome shows the best to visit across the globe. Bookworms all over the world will love this juicy apple of an offering"

"It’s a poignant reminder of the irreplaceable role that local bookstores can play in bringing communities together and ensuring the survival of culture within our cities"

"These inspiring places have more to offer than books"

"Una celebrazione viva e partecipata delle librerie, molto più che semplici luoghi in cui comprare libri"

Press: Presse
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