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I have always loved books.

And I always liked the fact that it was a book that brought me to my job - my Mum gave it to me when I was about 10 years old, a teenage book from the Fifties about a spunky girl who captures interesting moments with her camera, gets published and buys an Vespa with the earnings. I adapted that, started writing and bought a vintage motorcycle.

Today, after working as journalist and editor for ten years in my hometown Berlin and remote, I bring books to life, curating knowledge and putting a warm spotlight on people and their wise, wild and wonderous stories. I love the smell of freshly printed paper, the book covers that keep changing the look of my favourite bookshop, and the thought that every good book is a universe of its own, full of thoughts, wisdom, heart and soul of inspired makers. What a privilege to travel in there!

About me: Über mich
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